About this blog

Bonsai This is the infrequently updated, incoherant, rather scattered, personal weblog of Jamie Sport. I’ve been increasingly feeling the need to write things in my own voice of late, rather than in the variety of assumed guises I generally employ when scribbling elsewhere, so here those ramblings shall reside.

Presently, you’ll find a clear distinction between posts on this blog: those written before I started writing at my other place, during the period while I was at university and the long, free summer that followed, and then those written recently (a jump of  a year or so from the point at which I decided I couldn’t be bothered to write on this). This blog used to be at Blogger, but has been imported over here.

I’m interested in politics, the media, current affairs, and technology, but not necessarily in that order. I also like bonsai trees.

I can also be found on Twitter.


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